How it works

Finding the right person

An Arky can send either a general message to all the Arkies registered in a given locale, or to the entire world. It depends what you’re looking for. Arkies who correspond to your search criteria will receive a notification, e.g., ‘Arne would like an image of a duckbill platypus in a Chevy Impala - 35 euro’.

An Arky can also browse through individual profiles and contact others via private message. If Arne chooses to reach out to, say, Sally, she’d get a notification (‘Hi Sally, Arne would like a picture of a duckbill platypus in a Chevy Impala - 35 euro.’)

Working it out

If Sally taps on her notification, it’ll open Aviark. She’ll be presented Arne’s Ark-card, where she can see his request in more detail (for example due date, intended usage, etc). If she thinks the mission is interesting, she taps ‘chat with Arne’.

A chat window will then open and Sally and Arne can begin communicating about what’s needed, ask questions, and so on. At the end of the chat (and always accessible during the chat), a card is presented to both sides detailing all the specifications of the mission, including intended usage (this is very important for Sally in order to gauge her price, as she’ll likely ask something different if Arne wants to use the image commercially). Both sides have to agree that all the necessary details are present.

If they are not satisfied, they can continue to edit and chat till the card is clear for both. Once clear, they click ‘deal’! The money will then go off of Arne’s account and stay ‘in the cloud’ till Sally delivers the media.


It can be free (free’s fine), MWC (*see next question!), or whatever an Ark-requester and Ark-capturer find fair. If you make a media request, you’re asked from the get-go what you are willing to pay for it. If an Arky responds to your request, he or she can accept your offer, raise, or lower it. The two of you negotiate until you find something reasonable. Aviark will take 15% off all transactions so that we can continually develop the platform’s value and safety.

MWC stands for ‘minimum wage calculator’: a price proposal based upon the minimum wage of the requester’s country. The MWC is simply a way of thanking someone for their time, kind of like if you show up to a dinner party with a bottle of wine. A simple calculator, accessible on the platform, will have input fields of time, transport, and additional / required costs. The Ark-capturer fills in the fields and the MWC spits out a number.

Receive your media

If the photo meets the specifications listed on the card that both Arne and Sally agreed to, the 35 euro lands on Sally’s account.  In case of dispute, it always comes back to the mutually agreed upon card. If Arne forgot to put ‘red Chevy Impala’ and he’s not happy about that, that's on him, not Sally. If Sally took a picture of a Ford Mustang, Arne can choose whether or not to still honour their deal. He is not obliged to, because it was not on the card. Likewise, if Sally turns in the media later than they agreed upon, Arne has a choice as to whether or not tap 'mission accomplished'.  Of course if Arne doesn’t, he will not receive Sally’s image.

Finding missions

If not looking to acquire media, an Arky can scan a live feed of world-wide requests. An Arky can also limit and sort their feed, choosing what variables they wish to scan or be notified about. Filters are: geo-location (set a radius), profession / hobby, and *pro or not pro (see below!),

Completed mission - public, or just for you two?

Once a transaction is completed, both sides are asked whether or not they’d like to make the material public:

- If they decline, the transaction remains private. The Ark-capturer may never send the same image again unless he or she contacts the original Ark-requester and a new deal is made.  Nor may the Ark requester ever use the media for anything other than what he or she stated.  If the Ark-requester would like to use the media for something else than initially stated (‘everyone who saw it on my wall wants to buy it!’), he or she can contact the Ark-capturer and make a new deal.  In this way, every Ark exchange is unique. If someone else asks Sally, a week later, for a picture of a duckbill platypus in a Chevy Impala, she has to either recontact Arne and make a new deal… or shoot a new image for that someone.

- If the two sides want to make their work public, however, we’ll place their work on Aviark’s audio / image banks so that others can have opportunity to come across the material they created. Pinboards and themes will also be available (‘Larry’s pictures of sheriff’s badges’). If a visitor to the platform sees media that he or she would like to use, they can click and contact the original team that produced it. If the original team agrees to the further usage the visitor specifies, the proceeds are split 50 / 50 (they can also choose to give it away for free). Usage is stated on the mutually agreed upon card and must always be transparent. If someone wants to use an image for a billboard, they must state so (obviously this might increase what an Ark-capturer would request for said mission). Standard price guidelines for professional usage will be accessible on the platform so that Ark-capturers will have an idea of what the going professional rates are and be able to price accordingly.


Ark-capturers are responsible for taking care of their subjects. If an Ark-capturer photographs someone wearing a t-shirt in front of the HOLLYWOOD sign in LA, the photographer must have a fair deal with the model. Whereas it’s the two Arkies’ responsibility to insure this, copy / paste blank contracts will be accessible on the platform. There are cases where models in stock photography have had their image used on 100’s of different products and were paid next to nothing. Aviark is a platform to mutually empower requester, capturer, and possible subject(s).    


When browsing through Aviark profiles, one can see any or all of the following: a handful of photos or audio samples, web-links (portfolio), profession, hobbies, Arky (or other) reviews, research papers, links to CV’s, as well as ‘pro’ or 'not pro'.  

What is pro?!

‘Pro’ simply means that the Arky believes he or she can turn in media that is publishable or suitable for broadcast. It’s up to the Ark requester to look through the prospective Arky’s websites, references, and so on, to know whether he or she might be qualified for the mission at hand.


An Arky may also choose the option of verification. Ark-verification is strict. If sensitive material is to be exchanged (someone wants to interview refugees at a given border), many Arkies will want to be assured that both sides are who they say they are. There are int’l standards for ethical research. The verification process holds applicants to these standards.


In short
The rights are defined by what both parties agree to on the Aviark card. You own the rights, we don’t. If you sell the media further, other than what you’ve stated on the card, you need to re-contact the original Ark-capturer and strike a new deal.

In detail!
When an Ark-requester fills out the Aviark card, he or she must state what the media will be used for (i.g., ‘a church pamphlet’, ‘gift for my daughter’, ’an inlay for ‘Coolbox’ magazine’, ‘a poster to advertise my pizzeria’). The Ark-capturer will be encouraged to gauge his or her price based off of what the Ark-requester’s intended usage is.

Guidelines will be accessible to help with this, i.e., reference rates pertaining to intended use (e.g. flyer, billboard), duration (e.g. 2 months, forever), and territory (e.g. North America, worldwide). All of this is stated on the Ark-card, available for both parties to see. The fee that the Ark-capturer receives guarantees those rights to the Ark-requester. What’s stated on the Ark-card is legally binding. If the Ark-requester wants to use the media for something other that what he or she initially stated, the Ark-requester must re-contact the Ark-capturer and strike a new deal. If, for example, an Ark-requester acquires an audio sample for free for his or her research paper, but later wants to mix it into a commercial song, he or she has to recontact the initial content provider and make a new deal. If there’s a subject involved, for example, an interviewee, or some musicians, it is up to the Ark-requester and Ark-capturer to notify them and strike a new deal. Of course if the Ark-requester said from the get-go that it’s for a commercial song, and still gets it for free, than there is no need to contact the Ark-requester. Likewise, if the Ark-capturer is asked for the very same audio sample a week later, and would like to re-use it, rather than record a new one, he or she has to recontact the Ark-requester and strike a new deal.  

If an Ark-requester and an Ark-capturer both agree that their work can be made ‘public’, Aviark will store the media on our platform, available for anyone to come across. If someone else wants to use that media, for whatever reason, commercial or non-commercial, by clicking on the image they will be put into contact with the original content creators and likewise, be able fill out a card stating how they’d use it. The original content creators will split whatever the proceeds might be 50/50 (they can also just choose to give it away for free). Aviark will take 10% off of the transaction, just so we can keep our service running. If it’s free, of course we don’t take 10%.

Aviark forbids any content involving stalking, espionage, taking advantage of individuals,
political advertisements and / or cruelty. Aviark is for sharing, collaboration, learning, building, and creating mutually beneficial scenarios.


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You could be one of the very first Arkies.

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